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Classes are "UnPaused!!!"

Starting January 18th, we will be back in the studio again.  We will still be following Covid-Safety protocols in order to ensure everyone's safety.


See you soon! 

A Note from Kelly:

All of us teachers have missed all of you so much and we are excited to get back to it.  During this crazy pandemic and new normal for now, we want to make sure that our health and yours is of top priority.  We will be following mandates and guidelines to ensure this.  Here are our new norms:

  • We have to limit our number of students to 15 in each class to make sure that everyone is spaced out over 6 feet.  There will be markers on the floor where you can place your mat.

  • Everyone will have to wear a mask or shield coming into the studio and on your mat.  We want everyone to feel safe from even a simple allergy cough.   All of us want you to feel comfortable practicing yoga in our space and know during this time anxiety in many of us is very high.  While there are countless studies showing a decrease in anxiety and stress with a consistent yoga practice and workout regimen, we are still all human.  We will have medical masks at the studio if you forget yours... those tend to be a little easier to breath in as a suggestion for which type to wear.

  • Since we have to limit our class sizes for now, we will be implementing a use of the MINDBODY app to book your place in class ahead of time.  Here is a link to a video that I have found that will help you with the basics of MINDBODY.  How to book & cancel a class in MINDBODY app. We will not do memberships right now because we cannot have our class sizes be big enough to cover our overhead expenses.  I have set up the prices to still be affordable because that is something that is important to us.  If you do not get one of the 15 spots, you can be put on a waiting list and if an opening comes up, you will be moved to be on the attendance list.  You will need to cancel your appointment 2 hours ahead of class time to not be charged.  This is important because there are limited spots.  You can book your class 2 weeks in advance.  You will also check yourself into class on the app so as to not have to touch anything shared at the studio.  This platform also has the capability of live streaming classes and archiving those classes for on-demand purposes.  We will be figuring out how to use that option well soon.  I am here to help anyone that has questions once we start to use the app.  

  • The church is getting cleaned and sanitized more regularly along with our teachers who will be helping out with extra sanitation.  We are very fortunate to have windows in our place of practice.  This will allow for air exchange which is of utmost importance with the virus.

  • During this time, everyone will need to bring their own mat, props, straps, and blankets.  There are good, cheap mats at Five & Below if you need one (or two).  They have props there sometimes along with so many other places and on-line stores.        


  • Our schedule will be the same as before except for Saturday morning yoga that will be at 9 am instead of 10 am.  My hope is to add more classes and workshops since this has been a need and want of many students.  (Very exciting!)

  • We will not be hands-on assisting anyone during this time.


  • Please don't come to class if you feel ill or have a fever.  A pillar of yoga is non-harm; that means non-harm to others and especially yourself.  Practice self-care now and always.

  • We will not be using our regular door to enter into the building as to not spread our "germs" throughout. ;).  We will be entering through the back door.  You can still park in front of the church, side streets, or you can park at the Market Place church nextdoor.

Know this:

This situation is temporary. The measures we are putting in place are to safeguard everyone. They will not be in place forever, but until public health officials deem the virus at a safe level, this is what we’re going to do… 


Yes, wearing a mask during yoga is not ideal. It isn’t comfortable. It’s a temporary feeling for the better good. The alternative could be a permanent ending for someone else, and we’re just not going to risk it. We are doing everything to minimize the transmission of the virus.  


We value you as our family so much and can't wait to practice with you and hug one day soon.  

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