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"PureFit Pilates and Yoga classes are exactly what I was looking for when I moved away from the studio I belonged to in Royal Oak.  I have been blown away and impressed by Emily's creativity and knowledge during each class.  She has an un-intimidating and personalized manner when demonstrating and verbalizing the exact right way to move through every position and pose to prevent injury and increase strength and flexibility.  In just a few months since starting her classes I have been able to accomplish workout goals without any residual back or neck pain!


Jennifer D.,   Novi, MI



"You must try PureFit!  Emily has such a great rapport with people.  She has a calming, sweet and professional demeanor.  She is very good at what she does and I so enjoy taking classes with her.  I have been working out for over two decades, taking many forms of organized workouts and have had hundreds of instructors.  Emily is hands down one of the very best!!!  She'll work you, but you can modify and go at your own pace.  Very low key and you accomplish what you've set out to do.  You won't be disappointed!"


Michelle Z.,   Walled Lake, MI



"I have wanted to try Pilates and yoga for years but I was always intimidated by the atmosphere (and prices) at other studios.  When my friend told me about PureFit  I checked it out online and decided maybe this would be a good fit for me.  My first impression was that everyone was so friendly and I didn't feel judged showing up as a beginner.  I was a little worried about being the new person but the instructor showed me modifications so I could work up to some of the more advanced moves.  I have been going for several months and the changes I have seen in my body are incredible!  Thanks to the Pilates, my stomach is much tighter and stronger and my thighs are slimmer than they have ever been.  The yoga has helped with my balance and flexibility and I also get a great cardio work out.  I huff and puff the whole way through class and I feel wonderful for the rest of the day."


Lynette M.,  Commerce Township, MI



"Emily made me love Pilates!  I've always been a kick boxing, cross fit type of girl.  Turns out, I love yoga and Pilates too.  My body seriously feels these workouts - in a good way!  I'm guessing I never had the correct form when I've tried them before.  Emily makes sure proper form is your first priority in her class.  I highly recommend!"


Lambrina T.,   Northville, MI





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